5060 Milano Way

Martinez • Available Now

Square Footage: 59,764
Lot Size: 1.372 acres

The subject property is a wonderfully located 1.372 acre infill parcel located at 5060 Milano Way in Martinez California. While zoned PA Professional and Admin Offices, the site can accommodate a range of uses. It is believed the highest and best uses include:

Regarding a Residential Land use, the Martinez Municipal Code (MMC) permits all uses that are permitted in the R-1.5 district so long as the minimum site area per residential unit is not less than 1,500 square feet.   In this case, at 59,764 square feet the site has the possibility of accommodating 39 units. Additional units may be incorporated and permitted by utilizing the California State Bonus Law.

Specific Professional and Administrative office land uses are not listed.  However, the code does refer to two additional code sections (Section 22.16.040 B and 22.16.070B) that list a variety of land uses which are not permitted in the PA zoning district. Generally, the list of land uses (Attachment C2 and C3) pertain to uses that vare primarily commercial or retail with office being incidental to the primary use.

General Plan Commentary:

The General Plan is a guiding document that presents a vision for the future, with long-range goals and objectives for all activities that affect the local government. Currently, the subject site is designated Office on the 2010 General Plan. 

The 2010 General Plan does not have Office defined. 

It should be noted that the City of Martinez has created a new 2035 General Plan and subsequent Environmental Impact Report (See Attachment A – 2035 General Plan Diagram).  However, there is currently outstanding litigation against the City regarding Measure I (See Attachment B – City Press Release), which was approved by voters on June 5, 2018. This lawsuit has halted the adopted 2035 General Plan and subsequent certification of the EIR. 

Once the 2035 General Plan is adopted, the new designation will be CO/BP Office & Business Park Commercial.  Although this designation is identified on the General Plan land use diagram is it not defined in the 2035 General Plan.

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